Landscaping and Garden Construction

Making changes to your landscape can be overwhelming.  We can help you prioritize your list of landscaping projects and make the best decisions on design, layout and plant selection to suit your space and your needs. We will address any drainage considerations presented by the site and we will make sure the soil depth and quality suit what you plan to grow.

As with all lasting construction, the foundation is the most important part the structure. We install all of our plants in beds that have soil with adequate depth, drainage and organic material to nurture the plants’ root systems. Whether you need a privacy hedge, a vegetable garden, a focal point tree, or new front landscaping, we hand pick all of our plants and we install them in a well-crafted beds; giving them the base they need to thrive.

A good watering strategy is essential to the survival of your new plants.  Installing a faucet in your planting area is often relatively easy and it is very helpful for hand watering.  Another option is a drip irrigation system which would automatically deliver a prescribed amount of water to specific locations, an excellent way to maintain a watering schedule for your new plantings.

We would love to help you build a garden and make your world a little more beautiful!